Community Involvement

At JCo Auto, we believe in giving back to the community. Our leadership team has participated in extensive nonprofit fundraising and volunteering activities for many years. As an example, we have volunteered for (and in many cases, continue to volunteer for) such organizations as the Drop-in Centre, the Food Bank, the Mustard Seed, CUPS (Calgary Urban Project Society), WINS (Women In Need Society), Momentum, and many others.

If you have a community organization that you feel JCo Auto can support, please email us at We will consider all requests for support and/or volunteer participation.


At JCo Auto, we truly care about keeping your vehicle safely maintained, and we care equally about how we actually do that! It may surprise you that an automotive repair shop even knows the first thing about being environmentally-savvy. Well … SURPRISE – we are completely supportive of environmentally-friendly practices! For us, it is all about sustainability. From product choices, to recycling, to practices like switching off lights in rooms that are not being used, we work diligently to shrink our ecological footprint. We strive to help the environment … and keep Calgary green!

First and foremost … by keeping your vehicle on a regular maintenance schedule, we help you optimize your vehicle’s performance by preserving high fuel mileage; minimizing tire wear and oil consumption; reducing harmful pollutants in the atmosphere; and reducing unnecessary wear-and-tear on mechanical parts. Less waste = less throwaway.

1. If it can be recycled … we recycle it! We recycle:

       – All used tires through the Alberta Government Recycling Program

       – Cardboard (and any packaging) with the City of Calgary Recycling Program

       – All used oil and filters

       – All printer cartridges

       – All other recyclables (such as beverage containers)

2. We drop used electronics off at proper facilities … batteries too

3. We use both sides of our paper

4. We seek out environmentally-friendly products (eg, we are sourcing environmentally-responsible alternatives for our current lighting fixtures)

5. We conserve energy by not wasting or misusing lighting or heating resources

6. We have a state-of-the-art HVAC system to prevent pollution and inhalation of harmful gases

7. We separate our waste – just like you do at home!

Please feel free to talk to us about what we do, and how you feel we can do better!